A boat’s porthole window always provides a beautiful view of your current location, whether this is a breathtaking European port or the waves of the sea. However, every ship owner is familiar with the problem that plagues many porthole windows, namely condensation. At TOPwindows, we started investigating alternative materials for making portholes and its windows to offer them for sale. During this search, we discovered a unique type of plastic with a high insulation value. Because of this, condensation on the inside of your sleeping area, galley or wet room is a thing of the past.

Different possibilities for our innovative plastic porthole window

The most important thing is that our plastic porthole windows for your boat are not a thermal bridge. Other materials attract condensation which may cause harm to the construction. You also run the risk moisture released during cooking, sleeping or showering will collect at your porthole windows. Thanks to the portholes and boat windows we have for sale, this is a thing of the past. Moreover, you have a choice from different designs such as a fixed porthole or one with a hinged window. In addition, the windows are available in single and double glazing. Thanks to the high insulation value of both the windows and additional seals, you will no longer suffer from harmful condensation.

Important characteristics of plastic portholes

At TOPwindows, we always offer a complete solution, which is why the portholes for your boat are for sale with additional materials, such as a rain hood or mosquito net. If desired, we can immediately install new boat windows or refurbish your current glazing. Do you want a specific colour for your plastic portholes? We are happy to realise this with our collection of available colours. All portholes are UV and seawater resistant. In addition, they meet the most recent ISO standards and CE-A requirements. If you choose TOPwindows, you are always assured of boat porthole windows of an exceptional quality.

An innovative solution for your vessel

At TOPwindows, we offer plastic portholes for sale for both sports and commercial vessels. In our overview of realised projects, you will see clearly where our passion lies: making sailing as pleasant as possible. We do this by developing innovative problem-solving products, such as our plastic porthole windows or custom-made boat windscreens. Would you like to request a quote including mounting for your project and significantly reduce condensation in your vessel? Phone us on 0118 436911 or send an email with your ideas to info@topwindows.nl for a quote. Let’s combine our passions for the best possible result.