Gradually, most water sports enthusiasts know the great benefits of our plastic window profiles. The biggest advantage, of course, is that plastic does not act as a thermal bridge and therefore does not attract condensation. In recent years, we have satisfactorily delivered and delivered several thousand windows to hundreds of yachts and professional vessels.

We are proud to announce that we can now also meet the high demand for portholes. Portholes are often mounted in sleeping areas on board. And in the galley or wet cell. Spaces where a lot of condensation occurs.
During our sleep, cooking and showering, things are getting wet on board. This wet mess mainly collects on (aluminum) window profiles and glass. This does not happen with our plastic portholes.

Our new TOPWINDOWS portholes have even more advantages over the regular metal gates.
They are made of molded plastic and available in any color. The profiles are extra insulated and equipped with PMMA plastic windows. In addition, they are available both fixed and foldable and can be supplied with mosquito nets and rain hoods. The best thing is that the mosquito nets can remain seated even when closed!

Naturally, the gates are UV and seawater resistant and, in addition to the applicable ISO standards, they meet the ocean-worthy CE-A requirements. The porthole that we offer for sale is therefore of very good quality!