Water-repellent boat window seals, hemp to better insulate ships as they prevent condensation from showering, cooking and sleeping in the rooms from collecting on the boat windows. This prevents moisture accumulation and all its harmful consequences for the material.

We offer more than just boat window seals

At TOPwindows, you are not only in the right place for window seals, but we are also your reliable partner for all other glazing materials for boats. There are several projects we can complete for you, such as:

  • Measurement and installation of plastic boat windows with a high insulation value. These are available in five different colours.
  • Measurement and installation of plastic porthole windows. These are available in both single and double glazing and in a fixed or hinged version.
  • Designing, measuring and installing a custom-made windscreen for your boat.

Enjoy a five-year warranty on your project

TOPwindows is your passionate water sports partner who works in an innovative, professional and reliable way. Take a look at our realised projects to get a clear view of the possibilities for your sports or commercial vessel. Request a quote including mounting for boat window seals by calling us on 0118 436911 or send an email to info@topwindows.nl. Enjoy a five year warranty and don’t worry about rising costs in case of damage or wear and tear.